Buffalo Mozzarella


The name “Mozzarella” comes from the Italian verb “mozzare” (to cut off), which is the action of working the curd and then tearing off each piece with index and thumb fingers, giving the mozzarella its typical round shape.  Enter the world of buffalo mozzarella and discover its historical origins and the best ways to preserve and taste it through our unique recipes!

To guarantee a costant compliance to the typical product requirements, Mandara Management operations include production monitoring and basic ingredients inspection, and provides know-how, efficient technologies and specialized resources to the agricultural world, in order to assure the  quality from the origin.

Did you know it?

Known as “the White Pearl of Campania”, buffalo mozzarella has a strong tradition and a deep cultural background among the Italian cheeses.

Did you know that to bring out the flavour and the fragrance of buffalo mozzarella, you just need to follow one of these three Mandara advices before tasting it?

  • Keep it at room temperature for one hour before eating it
  • Heat it up by dipping the pack into warm water at 40°C for twenty minutes
  • Heat it up in the microwave, without the pack, for fifteen seconds

Animal Welfare

All Mandara breeding farm vendors are controlled by agencies and public authorities such as ASL, NAS, NAC and Corpo Forestale,

to check the animal walfare regulations compliance, in particular to CE 853/04 and CE 882/04 regulations.

Beside the governmental authorities controls, Mandara runs internal inspections on every breeding farm vendor. All the aspects of our management system are checked through our checklist, devided in three chapters. Each chapter addresses to specific critical issues:


  • Breeding farm structure
  • Sanitary level
  • Water sources
  • Farmed animals


  • Farmed animals
  • Animals health status
  • Milk tracking
  • Breeding farm geographical area


  • Number of operators per animal
  • Lighting
  • Nutrition facilities cleanliness
  • Therapeutic veterinary treatments

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