I.L.C La Mediterranea S.p.A has been producing buffalo mozzarella for more than three generations. With their selected and consolidated assets and their professional knowledge, I.L.C La Mediterranea S.p.A operates on the market as a recognised industry leading company.

Its birth can be traced back to the post–World War II, when Francesco Mandara founded a chain of creameries specialized in milk and milk derivatives.  From mere retail company, I.L.C La Mediterranea S.p.A became a production company in the 60s, with the sole purpose of supplying the retail chain. During the 70s, the Company went through a period of great growth: its production facility moved to the present plant in Mondragone and the retail  business expanded up to eight stores in the cities of Naples, Rome and Milan. In 1983, the plant was taken over by the founder’s grandchildren Giuseppe and Elisabetta Mandara.  This change in the Company Management will result in massive changes to the company image, that will become market-oriented, by opening to an high number of distributors to increase penetration in Northern Italy and foreign markets (North America and Europe). There were also substantial changes to the goals to be pursued in the short term: developing the brand presence in domestic and foreign markets and taking advantage of the market leadership to increase the general demand for buffalo mozzarella .

The company was able to see the different consumers styles and habits in different countries as an opportunity, and developed ad-hoc offers for foreign markets which led the company to stand out as a leading international manufacturer of buffalo products. Thanks to those successful strategies, in 1997 it became a joint-stock company (SpA). In the same year, I.L.C. La Mediterranea S.p.A. set up a partnership with the large traditional food products marketing group  Alival S.p.A., which allowed the Company to outsource the distribution tasks and focus on its production expertise.

Its on-going innovation research, with respect for tradition, has characterized I.L.C.La Mediterranea S.p.A. from its founding to present: with over 15 different product references, more than one hundred thousand pieces, between Buffalo-milk Mozzarella under its own brand, and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP (PDO, Protected Denomination of Origin), leave the Mondragone plant to worldwide destinations every day.

The Mozzarella Mandara di Latte di Bufala (Mandara Buffalo-milk Mozzarella) is produced by the noble buffalo milk, rich of vitamins, total protein, minerals, phosphorus and calcium: just to be tasted in all its exquisiteness and freshness.