White pearl

Well known as the “white pearl from Campania”, buffalo mozzarella is characterized by a strong tradition and culture in the field of Italian cheeses.
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Mozzarella Mandara

The first historical documents found regarding buffalo mozzarella are dated in the twelfth century in the area of Capua, where the cheese was offered together with a piece of bread from Saint Lorenzo’s monks to pilgrims.

Being a fresh cheese, its perishability kept it in the areas of its manufacturing until 1570, when the term was first fashioned.

The name “mozzarella” comes from the very action of shaping it into its typical round shape ( “mozzare” in Italian).

As well as the buffalo mozzarella historical background you will find here the best way to keep it and appreciate it, with a lots of unique recipes.

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Frozen Gateau

Patatoes gateau is one of the most typical dishes in the neapolitan tradition: over the years we have learnt how to enjoy it cold. Our chef Alfredo Iannaccone tells us how and why he chose the ingredients for this delicious buffalo mozzarella recipe:
“The stuffing is very personal: someone uses “scamorza” cheese and smoked ham, I tried something different whithout Read more →