The Pride of Our Being Number One

Innovation has always been the main reference for our Company choices, and the main factor we are proud of. The ability to take risks in previously unexplored industry areas has been rewarded by the preference given by our customers. Mandara is proud to have been the first in:

  • Settling up a chain of franchise stores
    In Naples, Rome and Milan
  • Introducing the stayfresh brik
    This packaging, developed and patented by Giuseppe Mandara in 1994, led to a great change in the buffalo mozzarella marketing: the form of this type of packaging preserves the mozzarella in a more efficient way and makes the tasting of this Italian jewel possibile even outside the Italian borders.
  • Internationalizing the Buffalo Mozzarella product and spreading it wordwide
    Its presence is now global.

Quality and Safety First

We consider quality of service, environmental protection, work ethics and safety of workers as fundamental values that guide the management in corporate decisions, to make our product consistently compliant to requirements. We expand management tasks to production and to basic raw materials control, by providing know-how, efficient technologies and specialized resources to Agriculture, thus obtaining the Quality from the origin.

Our respect for the delicate environmental balance of which the Company wants to be part, not acting as a destabilizing element, turned out from the very beginning to be a leading principle of our business and our ethic code. We have therefore decided to give proper emphasis to our purposes by adopting a systematic approach for continuous improvement of environmental performances, in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14001 standards.

Through the certification of Quality Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 regulation, and with the BRC, IFS standards, and through the implementation of the Environmental Management System, in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard, I.L.C. La Mediterranea will also give evidence outside of the quality of its production and management processes. Our Quality Certificates.

The goal that we pursue through our daily work in the production phase is to optimize and observe procedures designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Selecting the products to install, according to their safety, reliability and their environmental impact
  • Improving our products and services quality and safety, through the constant upgrade of the implemented technologies
  • Implementing management policies based on pollution prevention and natural resources protection
  • Ensuring a full compliance with the Community legislation and with Regional and National regulations in the implemented processes
  • Defining communication channels to the outside, through which to spread Company policies and achieved results
  • Ensuring that all levels of the organization are involved in business management
  • Achieving the highest levels of hygiene standards
  • Constantly aiming of a continuous improvement of professional skills and awareness of all those involved,
    directly or indirectly, to the production process, through frequent training and updates

  • Adopting clear and fast internal communication means, to quickly spread any corporate intent

We consider the quality of service, environmental protection, work ethics and safety of workers as fundamental values that guide the management in corporate decisions.